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Rates & Discounts

New Clients receive  


(931) 287-7144

a 10% Signing Bonus

Time is Money.  Let us save you both.

for support 24/7/365

for first 2 statements


Whether it's an email or an emergency, you'll love our Rapid Response.

Is your Consultant playing "hard to get"?  We're available 24/7/365!

So forget the time; just pick up the phone.

You can call before or after hours, on a weekend or a holiday, whenever you need us.

When you call, a technician will answer, so you'll already be halfway to a solution!

Need help in a hurry?

If you are new to MvCaTs and find yourself in urgent need of help, our specialty is rapid support by Secure Remote Access.  And our Minimum Service Quote is 8 hours.  But there is No Minimum Billing Requirement.  We bill only for the time it takes to get the job done right.  If it takes 4 hours, we bill for 4 hours and place the balance of your Retainer on file as a Credit for the next project.  Or you could request a Refund of the unused portion.  Your $1,400.00 Retainer is our Collateral (that's $175/hour * 8 hours).  We could begin helping as soon as we receive your Retainer, signed Service Quote, and signed Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The urgent nature of your request means a Consultant would need to drop whatever s/he is doing to provide assistance, along with the fact that MvCaTs has no prior exposure to your system or software or database.  So an urgent quote includes no discounts and requires a 100% retainer which will act as Credit on Account until applied to Services Rendered.  However, if you approve this quote and are pleased enough with the results to request a second project, the second quote will require only a 50% retainer.

Click here for How to Get Help in a Hurry.


Normal Office Hours:  8:00am to 5:00pm CT, Monday through Friday  (Holidays* excluded)

Our Administrative Staff will be happy to assist you free of charge during Normal Office Hours with questions regarding scheduling, quotes, corporate policy, billing, etc.  Just pick up the phone and call us at (931) 287-7144.

Quotes are Free

To request a Free Quote, just pick up the phone and call us at (931) 287-7144 and we will put you in touch with a District Manager so you can describe the support you need.

New Client Signing Bonus

To qualify, simply request your first Quote then sign & submit.  You will receive a 10% Discount per hour off all billable work under that quote during the month of signing AND the month following.  For example, 20 billable hours per month would yield a Signing Bonus of $350.00 Remote or $466.00 Onsite off your first AND second Time Billing Statements.  The more work you give us, the bigger your Bonus will be.

We publish our Rates

So you won't have to "drill down" in search of them as you probably have to do with our competitors.

Our Rates are in effect Around the Clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Remote Services - Hourly Rates Remote
A-la-carte Rate for 0.1 to 4.9 hours 175.00
1% Volume Discount for 5 to 9.9 hours 173.25
2% Volume Discount for 10 to 14.9 hours 171.50
3% Volume Discount for 15 to 19.9 hours 169.75
4% Volume Discount for 20 to 24.9 hours 168.00
5% Volume Discount for 25 to 29.9 hours 166.25
6% Volume Discount for 30 to 34.9 hours 164.50
7% Volume Discount for 35 to 39.9 hours 162.75
8% Volume Discount for 40+ hours 161.00
New Client 10% Signing Bonus 157.50



Onsite Services - Hourly Rates Onsite
Onsite Rate (click here to view Travel Policy) 233.00
Round-Trip Travel Rate 233.00
Commuting while Onsite Travel Rate 233.00
A-la-carte Rate for 0.1 to 4.9 hours 233.00
1% Volume Discount for 5 to 9.9 hours 230.67
2% Volume Discount for 10 to 14.9 hours
3% Volume Discount for 15 to 19.9 hours 226.01
4% Volume Discount for 20 to 24.9 hours 223.68
5% Volume Discount for 25 to 29.9 hours 221.35
6% Volume Discount for 30 to 34.9 hours
7% Volume Discount for 35 to 39.9 hours 216.69
8% Volume Discount for 40+ hours 214.36
New Client 10% Signing Bonus 209.70

Did you know that ...? 

When you engage MvCaTs for a project, your money is NOT at risk.  See our Guarantee page for details regarding our Retainer Policy, Money Back Guarantee, and an overview of How We Do Business.


Up to two hours of initial New Client Consultation are Free.

The more billable work you give us per month, the less it costs you per hour. 

Clients earn a Volume Discount of .2% times total billable hours, beginning with 1% for 5 hours to a maximum of 8% for 40+ hours per month.  This Discount is applied automatically to the Time Billing Statement for the month in which it was earned.  Volume Discounts may not be combined with any other Discounts.

We're A.K.A. MvCaTs:  Affordable, Knowledgeable, Available.

Discount Type Percent Billable Hours Savings @ Remote Savings @ Onsite
Initial Consultation 100% 2 $350.00 n/a
New Client 10% Signing Bonus 10% ALL 10% off First 2 bills 10% off First 2 bills
Volume Incentive .2% * hours 5 to 40+ up to 8% up to 8%



Our Smallest Billing Unit is 6 minutes, not 15 minutes like many companies.  We bill in .10 hour increments.  For example, if it takes 16 minutes to complete a service, we bill for 18 minutes, not 30.

And here is More Good NewsWe won't hold your active Source Code hostage in an offsite escrow account.  And we won't encrypt active Source Code on your system.

Click here to view our Travel Policy


Before committing to a Full Service Quote, some New Clients request a Software Preview.  The sample quote (below) includes the following:  1)  1 hour of System Technical Support to establish secure remote access; 2)  2 hours of Software Consultation with an MvCaTs Manager for a guided tour of your concerns; 3)  5 hours of independent Software and Database Evaluation; 4)  2 hours of Software Documentation regarding our findings; and 5)  2 hours of New Client Consultation at no charge.  The cost of this quote is equivalent to 12 billable hours at a 25% Rate Discount.  (If you have complex issues, more than one system, or multiple accounts to be previewed, additional hours may be needed.)

There are 3 Distinct Advantages to performing a Software PreviewAdvantage #1)  it contains all the first steps normally included in a Full Service Quote so the Client would not be incurring additional expense; Advantage #2)  it establishes a level of trust between the Client and the MvCaTs Manager; and Advantage #3)  it provides MvCaTs the necessary insight to create a more specific Full Service Quote later on.

When you first sense an attraction to someone, you don't immediately propose marriage and a long-term commitment.  Instead, you ask for a date, an opportunity to get to know them better and to explore future potential.  How well do we relate?  Can we fulfill each others needs?  Just pick up the phone and call us at (931) 287-7144 to request a "First Date" with MvCaTs.  Who knows?  It may lead to a lasting relationship!


Some Clients who are facing a complex set of system, database and software issues will order an Onsite Survey.  This estimate includes four work days and two travel days itemized as follows:  1)  7 hours of Database Consultation; 2)  16 hours of Software & Database Evaluation; 3)  7 hours of Software & Database Documentation; 4)  10 hours of Project Research & Presentation; 5)  3 hours of Report Preparation & Presentation; 6)  16 hours for Travel Time & 4 hours for Daily Commute for a 4-night stay; and 7)  2 hours of New Client Consultation at no charge.  (Please note:  the estimated cost quoted in the sample below includes our New Client 10% Signing Bonus, transportation, meals, lodging, insurance, commuting, working onsite, the whole nine yards.)


Here are four Sample Quotes.  After reviewing ours, we encourage you to compare quotes from other companies.  But you will probably have to call them because unlike MvCaTs, most MultiValue / PICK Consulting Groups do not publish their rates.  You will soon discover that the average rates for PICK software support are anywhere from 50% to 100% higher than ours.  We feel confident that our low rates will bring you back for a personalized Quote.  And our excellent service will keep you coming back.

New Client Hours
Remote Rate @ $175.00/hr before Discounts
Sample Quotes Quoted Discounted Rate Estimated Cost Retainer
Urgent Request for Help in a Hurry 8 $175.00 $1,400.00 $1,400.00
Software Preview 10 $157.50 $1,575.00 $787.50
First Full Service Quote 40 $157.50 $6,300.00 $3,150.00

We collect a 50% Retainer from New Clients (100% for Urgent requests), 100% for Onsite Services.

New Client Hours
Onsite Rate @ $233.00/hr before Discounts
Sample Quote Quoted Discounted Rate Estimated Cost Retainer
Onsite Survey 63.00 $198.68 $13,677.10 $13,677.10

Of course ...

You could hire someone less experienced and less qualified for about half our standard rate.  But if it takes them three months to finish a project which we could have completed in one, it would take 3 times as long and cost 50% more than it would to retain our services.  Think of it as a choice between chartering a single-engine prop plane with a rookie pilot or a fleet of Lear Jets with several experienced flight crews.  Either one would get you to your destination.  But only one would do it with speed, style, and comfort while saving you both time and money.  And if you enjoy the ride, you will want to come back again and again.  If you "fly" with us and something happens to the pilot, every crew member on board can fly the plane.  Why not call us today at (931) 287-7144 to "book a flight" and see for yourself?  You can even keep your shoes on!

Déjà Vu

If you are still undecided about whether to Partner with MvCaTs, what's holding you back?  And if this is not your first visit, what drew you back?  Just call (931) 287-7144 and tell us what we could do differently to attract your business.  We'll listen.

(Rates and terms are subject to improvement without notice.)

* Our offices will be closed on the following Holidays so our administrative staff may enjoy time with friends and family:   New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve after Noon, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve after Noon.  But there will always be a MONK (Manager on Call) available for emergencies.

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