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Searching for a PICK Programmer or jBase, UniBasic (UniData/UniVerse/U2), UniVision, AccuTerm, or InfoLease Consultant to put a GUI face on your "green screen" PICK software?  Need help with System Administration for Rocket Software (aka TigerLogic, Raining Data, PICK Systems), UniData/UniVerse/U2, or jBase?  Need a PICK-savvy web developer to incorporate a Shopping Cart with Secure Checkout in your web site then integrate web orders with your MultiValue data?  We've been consulting & developing MultiValue / PICK Basic applications across various database platforms since 1982.  If you've been left hanging by a PICK, jBase, UniBasic (UniData/UniVerse/U2), UniVision, AccuTerm, or InfoLease Programmer, Consultant or another PICK Consulting Group, we can help.  We're headquartered between Nashville and Knoxville, TN, USA, with District Offices from Coast to Coast.  Our Managers have 156 years of combined PICK experience in all things MultiValue.

Whether it's an email or an emergency, you'll love our Rapid Response.

Comprehensive Web Integration

MvCaTs offers full support for MultiValue Web applications on virtually all PICK platforms.  Our range of web-based services includes support, troubleshooting, and complete system Web integration, to provide real-time information by integrating your current PICK database into an existing Web content management system or other Web integration.  We also support one-time, periodic, or ad hoc data extractions to SQL or other databases, custom eCommerce shopping cart design and implementation, and many other PICK-to-Web applications.  We can handle virtually all of your PICK and Web development needs since we are fluent in most flavors of PICK and program in most mainstream Web languages and platforms including VB, .Net, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, HTML, XML, and SQL/MYSQL on both Windows and Linux/AIX/Unix.  Call (931) 287-7144 to request a Free Consultation.

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Did you know that ...? 

When you engage MvCaTs for a project, your money is NOT at risk.  Simply put, you get your money's worth or you get your money back.  Your refund would be on its way back to you the next business day.  No one cares more about getting it right the first time or about making it right if we miss the mark.  Our Guarantee page details our Retainer Policy, Money Back Guarantee, and an overview of How We Do Business.  Our web site contains a wealth of information because, as Dr. Phil says, those with nothing to hide - hide nothing.  Just use Ctrl<F> on any page to find what you're looking for.

We publish our Rates

You won't have to "drill down" in search of them as you probably have to do with our competitors.  Just click the Rates link at the top of our home page to learn how affordable our rapid response can be.

What, No Glitz?

You may have noticed our web site contains no glitz and glitter.  That's because it is intended to inform rather than dazzle.  We don't spend client dollars on web development - unless we are helping clients to integrate their MultiValue databases with their web site for functions such as online ordering and shopping cart checkout.  Our aim is to hold down costs and present our selves, our policies, and our terms in a readable font and a forthright manner with integrity.  If you want glitz, and you prefer to read with a magnifying glass, and you enjoy playing hide and seek while drilling down through multiple links looking for rates, you could visit the web sites of a few of our major competitors.  While they may charge AS MUCH AS DOUBLE OUR RATES (AND you will probably need to call to learn their rates), at least you will know where your extra dollars are being spent.

Quotes are Free

To request a Free Quote, just pick up the phone and call us at (931) 287-7144 and we will put you in touch with a District Manager so you can describe the support you need.  We never work on "fixed bid" for any project.  Instead, our Quotes state:  "This is an estimate.  Client will be billed ONLY for Actual Services and Hours worked."  To enable Clients to keep projects within budget, we offer instant Billing Snapshots.  On any business day of the month, or at specified intervals, a Client can simply request a free Billing Snapshot and within minutes, it will be emailed to them.  Snapshot accrued hours, charges, and discounts are current as of end-of-business the prior work day.  And if you have a monthly IT budget amount which you would like us to stay within, just let us know and we will be happy to honor that.

New Client Signing Bonus

To qualify, simply request your first Quote then sign & submit.  You will receive a 10% Discount per hour off all billable work under that quote during the month of signing AND the month following.  For example, 20 billable hours per month would yield a Signing Bonus of $350.00 Remote (or $466.00 Onsite) off your first AND second Time Billing Statements.  The more work you give us, the bigger your Bonus will be.

We are a PICK Consulting Group, not a Recruiter

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We Support Application Software Development on these MultiValue / PICK Systems:  ADDS/NCR, Advanced Revelation (ARev), AP Pro, AT&T, D3 (Raining Data, TigerLogic, Rocket Software), D3ProPlus, Honeywell, U2 (UniData/UniVerse), jBase, mvBASE, mvENTERPRISE, Power95Plus, Prime, R83, R91, Reality/Sequel, Ultimate, UniVision.  If you are running Caché, Mumps, ONware, or OpenQM, we may be able to support those as well.

And we provide help with System Administration for Rocket Software (alias TigerLogic, alias Raining Data, alias PICK Systems) D3, mvBASE, and mvENTERPRISE systems, UniData/Universe/U2, and jBase as well as other multivalue systems.  We have VARs (Value Added Resellers) on staff.  And we can help you locate hard-to-find parts for older systems, regardless of the manufacturer.  We can also help you migrate to a new MultiValue system at a minimum of expense and often without the need for a conversion.


The Company You Keep
The fact that you are visiting our website suggests you may be one of more than ten million people who log into a MultiValue system each work day.  If so, you're in good company.  Here is just a small sampling of some of the most recognizable corporations in our industry.
Adobe GSI Commerce Quest Diagnostics
ADP HoneyBaked Ham Rand McNally
Alltel Home Depot Reynolds & Reynolds
American Express Honeywell Scalamandre
Arbitron Humana Scott AFB (IL)
B/E Aerospace IBM U2 Products (Rocket Software) Shoes for Crews
Barnard College International Decision Systems (IDS) Smith and Hawken
Blue Cross Johnson & Johnson Snap-On
CA Dept of Motor Vehicles Juilliard School of Music Sony
CIGNA Health Lockheed Martin Sprint
CitiGroup London's Bank Standard & Poors
Citizens Financial Group Loyola College Staples
CNN Marriott International State University of New York (SUNY)
Columbia Ultimate McDonalds The Nature Company
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania McGraw-Hill U.C. Berkeley
Curtiss-Wright Nat'l Education Loan Network (nelnet) U.C. Davis
Datatel Neiman Marcus U.C. San Diego - CA Inst of Telecom & IT
Dell Perot Systems Norcold United States Postal Service
eBay NYC Public Library University of Southern California
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) US Bank
Federal Reserve Board PCC Structurals (Precision Castparts) Virginia Military Institute (VMI)
Ferguson Enterprises Perrier Walt Disney Studios
Ford Modeling Agency Petco Xerox
Foster Farms Prudential Yale University


Have you ever thought, "What happens to us if something happens to you?"

Are you relying on a "Lone Wolf" PICK, jBase, ARev, UniBasic (UniData/UniVerse/U2), UniVision, AccuTerm, or InfoLease Programmer to support your MultiValue proprietary software?  Or a solitary Rocket Software (aka TigerLogic, Raining Data, PICK Systems), UniData/UniVerse/U2, or jBase VAR to provide system support?  If so, then you have probably asked this question:  "What happens to us if something happens to you?"  Or perhaps YOU are that "Lone Wolf", whether full-time or a "contract player", or that solitary VAR (Value Added Reseller), concerned about your position and the company if something happens while you are taking time off.  Our intent is to undergird, not undermine, your current IT support.

Redundant Backup Plan

If you fly with any regularity, you know that jets have redundant hydraulic systems.  If one fails, another system is designed to kick in automatically.  But if you have entrusted your system and/or software to a "Lone Wolf", or YOU are that "Lone Wolf", you have no Redundant Backup Plan in place.  Some wise soul once remarked, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."  If something unforeseen occurs, do you "plan" to crash and burn?  With MvCaTs, you could have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are just one phone call away from both system and software support 24/7/365, around the clock, around the globe.

An MvCaTs Consultant could come to your place of business for the initial Onsite Survey, if desired.  But it's much more affordable to have us conduct a Software Preview by secure remote access instead.  Afterward, we develop and support your PICK / MultiValue application software from our District offices.  See our Rates page for Sample Quotes.

We encourage Clients to have their system vendors install and test all available O.S. patches and updates prior to engaging software support.  Why?  Because the system rather than the software may be the cause of some of your concerns.  If patching the system alleviates the problem, you save unnecessary expense.  If the problem persists, we're ready to help.

Click here for our answer to the question "But why telecommute?"

Of course ...

You could hire someone less experienced and less qualified for about half our standard rate.  But if it takes them three months to finish a project which we could have completed in one, it would take 3 times as long and cost 50% more than it would to retain our services.  Think of it as a choice between chartering a single-engine prop plane with a rookie pilot or a fleet of Lear Jets with several experienced flight crews.  Either one would get you to your destination.  But only one would do it with speed, style, and comfort while saving you both time and money.  And if you enjoy the ride, you will want to come back again and again.  If you "fly" with us and something happens to the pilot, every crew member on board can fly the plane.  Why not call us today at (931) 287-7144 to "book a flight" and see for yourself?  You can even keep your shoes on!

Loretta Lynn was once quoted as saying, “To succeed, you have to be first, best, or different.”  We are obviously not the first PICK Consulting Group (although we may be the first Discount PICK Consulting Group).  Someday, we would like to be considered the best.  But one thing we definitely are is different.

Our rates are lower for 3 reasons:  1) Our overhead is lower because we telecommute from District Offices so we don't need to maintain corporate headquarters or a fleet of vehicles.  2) Our productivity is higher because we telecommute so the hours formerly wasted commuting are now invested in programming.  3) Our billable hours are fewer because we don't do R&D at client expense to create vertical software packages.  And we don't carry inventory for resale.

Remember the first question the instructor asked in Intro to Philosophy 101?  "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it fall, did it make a sound?"  You don't have to be there to know it made a sound.  And you don't have to see our Consultants in their District Offices, heads down, assaulting the keys, to know they are working diligently on your behalf.  Only results matter.

Why not put us to the test?  Give us a small project.  The results will speak for themselves.  Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much.