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Connie S. Wayde

MvCaTs President & CEO

Crossville Office

(931) 287-7144
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PICK Programmer, Systems Analyst & Consultant since 1982

Great dreams of great dreamers are never simply achieved; they are always transcended. -- RH Schuller


Bachelor of Science
  Dean's List Graduate
  Nyack College, Nyack, New York
  Diploma, Computer Programming for Business
  Summa cum laude Graduate
  Arizona Institute of Business & Technology, Phoenix, Arizona


President & CEO
  MultiValue Consulting and Technical Support, Inc.

Since 1982, Connie has supported clients with PICK programming, analysis, database consultation, and technical writing on various Hardware, including Adds, AT286 through AT586, Fujitsu, GA, IBM, Prime, Microdata (McDonnell-Douglas) Reality & Sequel, Honeywell Ultimate; Operating Systems such as Advanced PICK & Revelation, R83, R91, jBase, TigerLogic (Raining Data) D3, Rocket Software (IBM) U2 (UniData, UniVerse); and Environments such as Aix, Informix, Linux, Unix, MS Windows.

Since 1982, Connie has authored and/or supported PICK Software Modules such as those listed below under EXPERTISE.

Since 1997, Connie has been involved with upgrading Character Based PICK software to interact with Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications such as wIntegrate, Visual Basic, and AccuTerm.

Since 2003, Connie has also worked in Web Development using MS FrontPage and HTML.  Connie is also skilled in the use of MS Office products such as Word, Excel, and Publisher.

Since 1986, when Connie began telecommuting, she has worked via 100% secure remote access.  Here are a few of the corporations whose software Connie has helped to develop:  Cambria Community Services, Concord Servicing Corp., Elizabeth Arden Salons, El Pollo Asado Restaurants, Excel Ice Cream Co., Goold Health Systems, MD Pharmacy, Scalamandre, Terri's Consign & Design Furnishings, The Tiffen Company:  Lowel Light Division, US Naval Academy, Wilson Electric.


04/1999 to 03/2003    

Vice President, Research & Development
  PICK Software Division of Privately owned consulting group
  Phoenix, Arizona

In addition to supporting clients running PICK software, Connie's duties included creation of a full-feature search engine to correctly handle sub-values; a full-feature Point-Of-Sale retail software package; a full-feature Menu Generator; a full-feature Report Generator; a full-feature Calendar/Scheduler; a PICK Programmer's Tool Box containing hundreds of callable or clonable routines, subroutines, validators, and user-defined searches; search-and-replace, data conversion, and data encryption utilities.

Beginning in 1997, Connie was also responsible for upgrading both in-house and vertical market software to interact with Graphical User Interface applications by adding flag-driven PICK code.  If the calling application was wIntegrate or Visual Basic, hooks were added to bypass screen display, data masking, prompting and error messaging.  Data would be retrieved, validated and updated, then prepared as packets and written to Unix/Linux files for return to the calling application.


09/1985 to 04/1999    

Senior PICK Programmer / Systems Analyst
  PICK Software Division of Privately owned consulting group
  Phoenix, Arizona

In addition to supporting clients who were using the software modules listed under EXPERTISE below, Connie's duties included creation of a full-feature Word Processor; Ticker Tape Editor; Field Word Processing; a Pop-Up Calculator; and String of Values entry/validation at any PICK prompt; a full-feature Screen Generator with In-Screen or Bottom-Screen prompting, Point-and-Click, and Pop-Up, printable Help for any prompt, X function, or the screen itself.  Connie also trained other PICK Programmers.


 04/1985 to 09/1985    

PICK Software Consultant
  Phoenix, Arizona

Connie's duties included creation of ARev Software on a Compac PC.


04/1981 to 04/1985    

Junior PICK Programmer
  Insurance Marketing Services Inc.
  Phoenix, Arizona

Connie's duties included creation and maintenance of PICK software on an ADDS Mentor 4000; computer operations and nightly backups; maintenance of Life Insurance rates for numerous companies; generation of Life Insurance proposals via Apple MacIntosh and DecWriter.



Comprehensive, Integrated Software for various PICK Systems;
  Microsoft FrontPage, Office XP:  Word, Excel, Publisher, Outlook;
  Client Software Modules Developed & Supported:
  • Accounting
  • ETL Data for Export or Import
  • Point of Sale / Service
  • Accounts Payable
  • Finance
  • Printer Interfacing - PCL
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Forms Generators
  • Project Management
  • AccuTerm GUI
  • General Ledger
  • Quality Assurance
  • Ad Hoc Reports
  • Health Care
  • Report Generators
  • Asset Depreciation
  • Human Resources
  • Retail
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Insurance
  • Sales Analysis
  • Barcode Processing / Scanning
  • Interior Design
  • Scheduling /Calendar
  • Business Analysis
  • Inventory Control
  • Screen Generator
  • Collections
  • Job Costing
  • Search Engines
  • Cross Reference Indexing
  • Loans / Contracts Mgmt
  • Software Conversions
  • Data Map / Mine / Extract
  • Maintenance Utilities
  • Software Templates
  • Database Administration
  • Manufacturing
  • Systems Administration
  • Database Conversions
  • Medical/Dental Office Mgmt
  • Time Billing
  • Database Migration
  • Menu & Table Generators
  • Visual Basic Interface (GUI)
  • Dispatch to Pagers, Cell Phones
  • Office Automation
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution / Sales Orders
  • Payroll / TimeClock
  • wIntegrate Interface (GUI)
  • Encryption - Data at Rest
  • Pharmacy Claims Adjudication
  • Word/Text Processor

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