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But why telecommute?

Let us answer that with a question.  Do you have a home, a family, kids in school, friends, elderly parents perhaps, religious and community ties and responsibilities?  So do we.  Uprooting every few months (or weeks) to relocate to a new job site is simply no longer feasible or desirable.  Been there, done that.  As Senior Programmers, we believe we have "earned our wings".  Although we may on occasion visit a client site, we travel now mostly via telecommute and leave the running around to others.

As "lone wolves", we had no one to back us up if we wanted or needed to take time off, we could service only one client at a time, and we had no home life to speak of.  As MvCaTs, we are a strong alliance, able to service several clients a day, while enjoying the comforts of home and hearth.

Well, that's nice for MvCaTs, you say, but what's in it for the Client?  How about much lower IT costs and the combined expertise of several MultiValue Programmers available around the clock, ready to come online the moment you need us.  In exchange for your willingness to have your multivalue software and system serviced by secure remote access, we offer rates discounted well below what other PICK Consulting Groups typically charge.  And when one of us is unavailable, there are several other highly qualified MvCaTs Consultants ready to step in.  So you'll never be left stranded.

When you experience a serious O.S. problem, you call your system manufacturer.  The first thing they do is determine what system and O.S. version you are running.  If they still support it, the next thing they do is determine whether any system patches or updates are available that have not yet been installed.  If none of the above correct your concern, they request a credit card number before proceeding and charge a substantial rate (some as high as $250.00 per hour or more) to come online via remote access to troubleshoot your case.  They do not work onsite; they telecommute.

We are MultiValue / PICK application software and system administration specialists.  We also telecommute.  But we do Not charge a substantial hourly rate to come online via remote access to service your software.  Our discount rates are significantly lower than other PICK Consulting Groups.  Or you could negotiate your own terms.  We can tailor an agreement to suit both your needs and your budget.

A Picture and a Promise

When you buy something over the internet, you are agreeing to purchase "sight unseen".  Based on a picture and a description of the product, you decide whether the vendor is worthy of your trust.  Basically, you are purchasing a picture and a promise.  You pay the money, but until the product arrives, you have nothing to show for it except a receipt.  I purchase products regularly from both Amazon and eBay with only a picture and a promise.  I'm sure you do as well.

I purchased my New Beetle over the internet without a test drive.  First, I accessed the manufacturer's web site to "design" a car with the features I wanted.  Then I logged onto a local dealer web site to see if such a car was in stock.  With picture in hand, I negotiated the entire deal over the telephone (after printing a copy of the dealer invoice, because I trust the advice of Consumer Reports online).  And the sales rep drove 27 miles to pick me up so he could deliver the car!

I also purchased my Dell laptop over the internet without having seen or used one.  I had read the advertising and heard good things about the product.  So I took the plunge.  These were major purchases based solely on trust.  But I am happy to report I was  100% satisfied with both my New Beetle and my Dell laptop.

Dr. Phil says those with nothing to hide - hide nothing.  Our Pictures are on the Credentials page.  Our web site gives you our Promise in a forthright and honest manner.  Our discount Rates are in plain view; there are no hidden charges.  And our money-back Guarantee is unparalleled.  Ethics, morality, and integrity are concepts we live by.  We're working hard to earn your trust.  And we'll work just as hard to keep it.

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